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Ond yn ôl un sylwebydd gwleidyddol y mae Llafur, o leiaf, yn cynllunio a very much more sophisticated direct marketing campaign than has been seen in the past a bu William Hague, yntau, yn dilyn ymgyrch Bush gyda diddordeb mawr.

'Well.' meddai, 'it has been here eight years or so, you know.' A, wel.

Ac yr oedd Samuel Taylor Coleridge a Benjamin Disraeli hwytha' o'i chwmpas hi: 'Reviewers are usually people who would have been poets or historians or biographers, if they could .

Local education authorities will therefore need to be much more closely involved in the county joint planning process than has generally been the case in the past."

A son am Babyddiaeth, mae llawer o drafod y dwthwn hwn ar ein perthynas waed ag Iwerddon; ond y gwir amdani, ebe RT, yw hyn: 'There are but two ingredients in modern Welsh mental life - what is native, and what is English or what has been mediated through England.'

Dyma fo'n fy ngweld i ac yn dod ataf i ymddiheuro'n arw gan ddweud: "I've been on this f...ing street all f...ing afternoon and I've had enough" ac wedi dod am beint.