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Where appropriate children can play the games on their own but adults/teachers will need to be at hand to help with reading information on the screen and with reading the story.

Local education authorities will therefore need to be much more closely involved in the county joint planning process than has generally been the case in the past."

'They ask for more liberty; it is more work they need!'

Yn sydyn dyma rhywun yn gafael yn fy mraich a llais yn dweud 'Come with me I need you urgently' Derek Laws oedd yno sef prif swyddog y Swyddfa Ganolog yng Nghaerdydd, cyfaill a gŵr yr oedd gennyf barch mawr iddo.

Local education authorities should review the level of need and the provision which currently exists in their areas to meet those needs.

If instead you need a vaccination programme to keep farmers' cattle alive so that they and their families can avoid falling into the destitution that leads to starvation, it's not sexy enough to interest the media.

Roedd Mike yn mynd ymlaen ac ymlaen am bwysigrwydd Mickey i'r tîm a bod yn rhaid iddo chwarae, "We need him He's got to play for us.