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Ond yn ôl un sylwebydd gwleidyddol y mae Llafur, o leiaf, yn cynllunio a very much more sophisticated direct marketing campaign than has been seen in the past a bu William Hague, yntau, yn dilyn ymgyrch Bush gyda diddordeb mawr.

Local education authorities will therefore need to be much more closely involved in the county joint planning process than has generally been the case in the past."

Past pysgodyn oedd rhwng y tafelli, ond roedd y dafell uchaf yn codi i fyny fel adain awyren Delta, oddi wrth y past.

Byddai trochi eu gwreiddiau mewn past calomel yn gymorth i'w gwarchod rhag afiechyd y gwreiddyn clwb.

Ffisig annwyd, eli babi, clapiau sebon, persawr, past dannedd, tabledi sipian at ddolur gwddw.

New Visionaries; Nouveau Nesters; Go-getters; Wired; Rhythm and Youth; Young and Restless; Cynical Disconnecters; Urban Strugglers; Rainbow Seekers; Urban Romantics; Overbooked Mums; Heartwarmers; Players; Band Leaders; All Americans; The Blands; The Cant Be Bothereds; Ships in the Harbour; Homebodies; Loners; Hermots; Internet Introverts; Technicians; Fence Builders; Self-discovering Nesters; Prime Timers; Satisfied Seniors; Comfortable Twilighters; Calm Retireds; Carefree Traditionals; Rooted in the Past; Complacent Seniors.

Past tense.