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Medda fo: They are an odd couple.

Ac yr oedd Samuel Taylor Coleridge a Benjamin Disraeli hwytha' o'i chwmpas hi: 'Reviewers are usually people who would have been poets or historians or biographers, if they could .

They make you wonder what goes on between them.

'They ask for more liberty; it is more work they need!'

Jenna - they'll lock you up if you don't speak Welsh, rhybuddiodd.

If instead you need a vaccination programme to keep farmers' cattle alive so that they and their families can avoid falling into the destitution that leads to starvation, it's not sexy enough to interest the media.

They think that we're through...

Wedi'r cyfan, oni bai amdanynt, buasai Tawelwch a Rhwystredigaeth a They%rnedd wedi parhau'n hwy, ac er bod i Ryddid Barn ganlyniadau annymunol weithiau y mae o raid yn well na sensoriaeth.